"I was very happy with the service."
    I've used them a couple times to spray my yard for ants, and once to manage a rat problem. For both the rats and the ants, they were very prompt in coming out and taking care of the problem.
    - Elizabeth C.
    "I cannot recommend working with him more highly if you have any pest issues."
    Turns out my aunt and uncle use his service as well. He helped with ants/yellow jackets and then rats. He came next day in both scenarios, is very thorough in inspection and clearly knows his stuff.
    - Katherine L.
    "I was impressed!"
    I saw Eric doing a thorough inspection of the property and even sweeping webs from my outdoor window sills.
    - Camille S.
    "Overall he was very pleasant, efficient, and explained everything about what he was doing, and why. Excellent experience."
    He said that he probably fixed the problem but gave instructions as to what to do if they reappeared. He said that if they showed up again to call as they guaranteed their work for 30 days.
    - William J.
    "I would give them the highest possible rating."
    They responded to my message the same day. The guy came out the next day and they also offered to return free of charge if there's any additional problems. So it was a great service.
    - Dana S.
    "They were very friendly and the prices were reasonable."
    California Exterminating Service came out twice and came back a few weeks later. It was not eradicated but he definitely made a difference.
    - Paul O.
    "Great!! Came when they said they would."
    Did what the said they would. Charged what they said they would. And they are nice guys!
    - Dale G.
    "We are happy with them."
    They are friendly. We have had no bug issues and they are accessible. Kevin the owner is great!
    - Nancy H.
    "I would continue to use their services in the future."
    The people from California Exterminating Service Company are very professional. They are reliable. They do a good job. They are friendly. I have never had any problems with them.
    - Ian K.
    "Their price was in same ballpark as other estimates, but we chose them because of their promptness and how knowledgeable and thorough Mike was when he did the inspection."
    He gave us a lot of information about rat infestations, such as things that make our property vulnerable and what we can do to minimize the chances of them getting back in after the extermination is complete, such as trimming back trees close to the buildi
    - Kathleen S.
    "Very professional and responsive."
    Our tech was very nice and explained everything to us and even gave us some recommendations on our landscaping to help deter ants from building mounds near our house. He did a great job. Haven't seen an ant or any other bug for that matter in over a month.
    - Regina P.
    "He gave us good advice and pointed us in the right direction."
    They saved us some money because he said that there wasn’t a real problem. The owner came out and told us that it wasn’t really a problem.
    - Kathleen O.
    "I am very pleased with the outcome."
    It took some extra effort by Kevin but he stuck with it and ultimately the squirrel left and the space that could be invaded by one again has been sealed up.
    - William B.
    "Indeed, this pest prevention service is effective, and the price is reasonable."
    My tenant reported hearing scratching noise in attic at night time. I called Kevin in the morning and he sent a technician to help in the afternoon. After the service was completed, the tenant never hears the noise again
    - Charles S.
    "I give them all A’s for their services. I would call them back out in the future."
    California Exterminating took care of some bed bugs. He came over and dealt with it. He came out three times. He did an excellent job. The health department got involved, because I was a little freaked out. He had reasonable prices for the work. I give him
    - Scott L.
    "Very professional and I haven't seen anything. No ants or roaches in the past month since I called."
    left a message for three companies and these guys called within half an hour. That was amazing in itself. The owner was very nice and professional and said he'd have someone out here between 11-1 p.m. His exterminator was out by 10:45 and after talking som
    - Marnie S.
    "Their treatments have really worked."
    They come out quarterly to spray the outside of our home for ants. They always call the night before and tell you when they will be out and which tech will be coming.
    - Ronald O.
    "I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a exterminator."
    I really liked the man I worked with. Really helpful. He explained things to me like I was a real person. Courteous and respectful. They didn't talk down to me.
    - Marilyn D.
    "Each time I've called, they have come out the same day and been extremely accommodating."
    Michael came out, showed up right on time, was extremely professional and explained exactly what he was doing and why. They have come out 3 times total because the ants have been tough to get rid of completely.
    - Angela M.
    "I always have dealt with Kevin, but this time Michael came and was equally as great. Fantastic service!!"
    I've used them before for ants and have had excellent service. When I discovered the mice in my garage I knew instantly who to call.
    - Robin S.
    "We were very satisfied with the job they did!"
    California Exterminating was fast to respond to our call for help with the bees. They came out killed the bees and disposed of the hive.
    - Kathy P.