Raccoon, Opossums & Skunks

Racoon, Opossum, & Skunk Control in Walnut Creek

Few things are more unsettling than finding a raccoon in your attic, a skunk under your porch, or an opossum digging through your trash.

We're California Exterminating Services, a family-run business right here in Walnut Creek, and we understand your worries. That's why we're here to help you take your home back. We specialize in getting critters out safely, fixing the problems they cause, and making sure they don't come back.

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Are Raccoons, Opossums, & Skunks Dangerous?

While rarely aggressive by nature, raccoons, opossums, and skunks can all pose hazards to homeowners and their property. 

Below is a breakdown of the habits of each of these creatures.


Raccoons are adaptable animals found throughout the Bay Area and are known for their ability to thrive in urban, suburban, and rural environments. 

  • Nocturnal Behavior: Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active during the night. However, they may also be active during the early morning and evening hours, especially in urban areas where they have adapted to human activity patterns.
  • Denning Sites: Raccoons use a variety of denning sites for shelter and reproduction. Common denning sites include hollow trees, abandoned burrows, rock crevices, and human-made structures such as attics, crawl spaces, and chimneys.
  • Destroying Lawns: Raccoons can sometimes cause damage to lawns by ripping up grass in search of food or insects. 


  • Nocturnal Activity: Skunks are primarily nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active during the night. They spend their days resting in dens, which may be located in underground burrows, hollow logs, brush piles, or other sheltered areas.
  • Omnivorous Diet: Skunks are opportunistic feeders with omnivorous diets. They eat a variety of foods, including insects, grubs, small rodents, fruits, berries, seeds, and plants. In urban areas, skunks may also scavenge for human food scraps and garbage.
  • Urban Adaptation: Skunks are adaptable animals and can thrive in urban and suburban environments. They are often attracted to residential areas by the availability of food, water, and suitable denning sites. In urban areas, skunks may den under buildings, decks, or other structures and may raid garbage cans or pet food left outdoors.


  • Feigning death: Opossums often play dead when threatened, which can be startling. However, they can bite if provoked.
  • Foraging Behavior: Opossums are opportunistic foragers and may wander widely in search of food. They have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to areas with abundant food sources, such as gardens, compost piles, and garbage cans. Opossums may also raid pet food left outdoors and are known to eat carrion, making them beneficial scavengers.

If you encounter any of these animals on your property, it's crucial to maintain a safe distance from them and contact California Exterminating Services for professional wildlife removal.

Signs of a Racoon, Opossum, or Skunk Infestation

  • Unusual noises: Sounds such as scratching, scurrying, or thumping, especially at night, could indicate that wildlife is present in your attic, walls, or under your deck.
  • Foul odors: A persistent, musky smell can signal a skunk presence, while odors emanating from droppings or urine could suggest raccoons or opossums are nearby.
  • Property damage: Look out for torn vents, holes in your siding, damaged crops, or overturned trash cans, which could be the work of these animals searching for food or shelter.
  • Footprints and tracks: Unusual tracks in mud, snow, or dust around your property can often help you identify the type of wildlife that has visited your home.
  • Animal droppings: Finding droppings in or around your property can be a clear sign of an infestation. However, it's important to avoid handling them without proper protection due to the risk of disease transmission.

Our Removal Process for Raccoons, Opossums, & Skunks

We begin by safely live-trapping and removing bothersome raccoons, opossums, and skunks from the premises. Then, we go beyond just removing the animals—we meticulously identify and seal any entry points they may have used. Our exclusion techniques are designed to outsmart critters and keep them out for good.

With California Exterminating Services, you don't just get rid of a problem; you gain peace of mind knowing your home is secure and protected. We're committed to solving your wildlife issues with compassion and lasting effectiveness.

Call (925) 438-6454 or contact us online for raccoon, opossum, and skunk removal in Walnut Creek. We also offer our services throughout Lamorinda (Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga), East Bay (Oakland and Berkley), and Danville.

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